NASFAA update from RMASFAA Past President

Hello RMASFAA members!

There are a couple of responsibilities that go with the past president position that I would like to report on.  I am serving on the NASFAA Regional Federal Issues Committee and a conference call was held recently to review many happenings that are going on at the federal level.  The recent Congressional elections may impact federal student aid programs due to the balance of power going in favor of the Republican Party.  NASFAA staff members who were on the call indicated that the Continuing Resolution to fund federal programs for next year must be completed before December 11th 2014 or we could face another government shutdown.  The most likely scenario moving forward could be an Omnibus Spending Bill that would combine all federal funding levels into one bill.  There has been some Reauthorization bills move forward recently but it appears that a full Reauthorization bill could be another year away.  In essence, stay tuned at the federal level for what surely be a flurry of activity over the next two weeks.

I also recently attended the NASFAA fall Board of Directors meeting in cold, cold, cold New Orleans.  I know that doesn’t sound right but that was exactly how it felt.  I am happy to report that NASFAA keeps on moving in the right direction and is very involved with tasks forces to improve our current programs and processes.  Some of the action items that were voted on included increasing membership dues slightly, approving the 50th anniversary budget, moving funds from operating into board designated reserves and reviewing the board committee charters.

I would like to thank the RMASFAA membership for providing me the opportunity to serve at this capacity and certainly appreciate your support.

Jeff Jacobs

RMASFAA Past President

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