Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award Spotlight – Kelly Svenkesen

K Svenkesen

I was honored to receive the Oscar R. Jack Hendrix Award (“Rookie of the Year”) in 2010.  I remember being completely blown away and in a state of total shock when my name was announced!  It really meant, and still means, a great deal to me to be recognized by my fellow colleagues in RMASFAA.  At the time I remember thinking, I was just doing what then RMASFAA President Sharon Kienow charged me to do!

RMASFAA brings such opportunity to its members.  I was fortunate to be a mentee during the very first RMASFAA Leadership Pipeline.  I learned such a great deal from my mentor, Terry Stephens, and I am forever grateful to her as my mentor and friend.  I would encourage everyone out there to take a chance and go through the pipeline, attend summer institute or join a committee.  It gives you amazing experience and you meet so many FABULOUS people!

My experiences in RMASFAA have included being on the membership committee, vice-chair of the membership committee (soon to be chair), vice-chair of the training committee, chair of the training committee, conference planning committee and summer institute entertainment vice-chair and chair.  My most valuable experience though, is the friends I’ve made who have provided me with their wisdom and their laughter during the tough times!

I started working in financial aid as many of us do, as a work study.  After graduating from school I worked for a couple years for a veterinarian, but as soon as a position opened in the financial aid office I immediately applied.  I spent 11 years at Laramie County Community College, until a couple of years ago when I moved to Fort Collins, Colorado where I am now working for Front Range Community College.  For the past two years I’ve been overseeing the scholarships and loan program, and in 2 weeks I will be overseeing the service center.  I’m so extremely grateful for all the opportunities various people have given me over the years.  It is my fellow financial aid friends that have kept me going in this crazy career!

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