Labor Day Reflection

I am sure your shop is as busy as mine this time of year. We are busily trying to get our new school years started, and in the midst of it all, along comes along Labor Day. A day to reflect upon our labors and the fruits thereof.

I confess that many a Labor Day has past and very little thought has gone into what it all means beyond getting a day off. This year as I reflect for a moment, I consider all of the great men and women who have worked diligently to build this great nation into what it is today. And not only them, but indeed all of us who continue to carry the workload and build on the foundation laid in prior years. We as financial aid administrators have our own special niche in this process. We not only build, but we build the builders, the educated, trained and skilled workers who will make up the workforce of the future. By the work we do, we open up access and opportunity for the students we serve by helping to secure the resources needed to attend our institutions.

So this year I want to express my gratitude for the things that make my labor possible and fulfilling and encourage you to do so along with me.

I am grateful for…

the students who are willing to dream and pursue their dreams
the challenging situations that help me grow as a person
my education which opened doors for me
my employer who gives me the opportunity to use my skills
my co-workers who share the load and are truly good to work with
colleagues at NeASFAA
colleagues at RMASFAA
colleagues at NASFAA
and the list goes on…

Certainly, there is stress, challenges, the mundane and more that attempt to rob us of the fulfillment. Let’s take a few moments this day to be thankful for the provision and accomplishment that result because of our labors and the labor of those around us.

I certainly hope you had a happy Labor Day!

Matt Johnson
NeASFAA State President


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