Feedback from a Summer Institute Participant

I attended Summer Institute last month, and was lucky enough to have been placed in James and Mary’s class. Summer Institute was easily the best professional development experience I’ve had while working in financial aid. Starting with the NASFAA CORE materials, but mostly through the guided discussion led by James and Mary. They both obviously have a deep and thorough knowledge base regarding a wide variety of financial aid topics, but that only goes so far. Their ability to work together, as well as involve the whole class, was fantastic. I didn’t just learn from them, I learned something from every member of that class, and I think that’s just amazing.

Beyond the instruction, I was very impressed with the coordination and level of camaraderie shown in Summer Institute. I went there not knowing a soul, but left with several new friends.

Not being from a RMASFAA school, I kind of expected to feel like an outsider during the week.
That lasted until Monday morning, and only because I arrived late on Sunday. I felt very welcomed and never slighted in the least. That really demonstrates the high level of community that takes place at Summer Institute.

I wanted to thank you all for the opportunity to attend and become a better financial aid administrator.  Again, thanks, and congratulations on what’s been built by RMASFAA.
It’s a wonderful thing.

Daniel Dick
Quality Assurance Specialist
Saint Louis University
Office of Student Financial Services
One Grand Boulevard
DuBourg Hall, Room 121

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