Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award Spotlight – Brent Carpenter

My Path in Financial Aid
by Brent Carpenter, Grantham University

I guess you could say I stumbled into a Financial Aid career. I was working at The Bank of Kansas in Lawrence, KS. The Student Loan area was a one man department, and when he left the bank, I was “promoted” to take over. After almost two years, I moved to First National Bank in Lawrence. While working for First National, I attended my first RMASFAA conference in 1991 when the conference was held in Overland Park, Kansas. I began to attend the RMASFAA conference on a regular basis, and also started attending RMASFAA Summer Institute during this time. In 2001, I began working for Commerce Bank as the Marketing Rep for Kansas and Nebraska. I continued to attend the RMASFAA conference and also began serving on various committees within the organization. I accepted a position with USA Funds Services in 2004, continuing to work in the RMASFAA region.

I currently work at Grantham University as a Financial Aid Manager. When I started at Grantham, our offices were in Kansas City, MO, close to the airport. Earlier this year, our offices moved to Lenexa, KS. So I am now back in the RMASFAA region. You never know how things will work out. Maybe will get to see some old/new friends at an upcoming conference or meeting.

I truly enjoyed working with individuals in RMASFAA. One of the biggest rewards is creating and maintaining lifelong friends that could only have happened due to becoming involved with this wonderful regional association.

If you are new to RMASFAA, get involved. Attend conferences in your state and at the regional level. You will meet great people, create friendships, and come away with new ideas that could benefit yourself and your school.

– Brent was the Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award (formerly, Rookie of the Year Award) recipient in 2002.

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