Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award Spotlight – Kelly Hoggatt Russell

Kelly Hoggatt was the 1999 recipient of the Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award.  Kelly got her start in financial aid in 1993 at Manhattan Area Technical College. Her boss was very active in KASFAA and RMASFAA and encouraged Kelly to jump in and be active in those professional organizations as well. Kelly took over as the Director of Financial Aid when her boss retired in 1994. She served in that position until 2006. During that time she was active in various positions with KASFAA and RMASFAA, including serving on the RMASFAA Board and serving as an instructor at Summer Institute.  The year she won the Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award, she was chair of the RMASFAA Membership Committee, which did an overhaul of the membership process.

From 2006-2009 Kelly served as Vice President of Student Services at Manhattan Area Technical College. In this position she oversaw the financial aid office.

In 2009 Kelly accepted a position with the Kansas Board of Regents, which oversees the colleges in Kansas. She spent from 2009-2011 with their organization.

Since 2011, Kelly has been at Dodge City Community College as the Dean of Students.  Kelly stated that she really enjoys being back in student services after being away from that area for a couple of years. While she isn’t in financial aid, she does oversee that office, and still maintains contact with some of her former RMASFAA colleagues.

On a personal note, Kelly was married for the first time in life in 2009. Her husband is a Vice President at Dodge City Community College.

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