Only One Week Left!

Hi Everyone,

Spring is in the air here in Utah (if the weatherman is to be trusted, we’ll break 70 degrees tomorrow!). This time of year brings with it energy, optimism and the promise of growth and renewal. What better time to nominate yourself or a colleague (who will surely be eternally grateful) to serve RMASFAA as an elected officer? The following officer positions are open on the 2014-15 RMASFAA Board of Directors:

-Associate Member Delegate

For a description of the duties of each office, please see pages 9-13 of RMASFAA’s Policies and Procedures manual:

This will be the final call for nominations, so act now! (The online nomination form found at will only be available through April 1.) Keep in mind that all nominees must be current RMASFAA members. And if you can’t think of anyone who would represent you well, go ahead and nominate yourself!

Your input is a very valuable part of this process. Please feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. I’m looking forward to serving you and working with you, and I welcome and encourage your involvement at whatever level you are able to participate.

Thanks again for your help. Happy spring to you and yours!

Art Young 

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