Don’t Miss Out . . .

The RMASFAA Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives Committee (DMCI) would like to bring your attention to the application for a scholarship to assist RMASFAA members with costs to attend either the RMASFAA Summer Institute (June 8 – June 13 in Golden, CO) or the RMASFAA Annual Conference (October 19 – 22 in Salt Lake City, UT).

The deadline to submit the application is April 4, 2014.

The scholarship is intended primarily for underrepresented communities, although; please do not hesitate to apply should you be interested in advocating for the mission of the DMCI Committee.

You will find the scholarship application on the RMASFAA website under online forms. Below is the link to the application.

Note: You must be a current member to be considered for the scholarship, so please make certain that your payment is current.

If you have difficulty with the application process, please contact Eileen Griego at

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