Where Lisa is now…

After 2004 (and for the next four years), Lisa helped businesses and organizations build their brands while in sales & project management for a marketing agency. Then, she was fortunate to take a summer off to spend with her son and ponder what she’d like to try next. Something that was a total 90 degree turn off the path. Why not …… dog grooming?? Veterinarians had just built a new facility and were in need of a groomer. Lisa took classes and tests online and they provided a list of clients who were willing to let her practice on their pooches. Lisa counted herself lucky to get paid to work with animals. However, it turns out she wasn’t 25 anymore and her body reminded her of it every day.

As Lisa was contemplating how much longer she’d be able to physically handle grooming, she was asked to step in and be the Interim Executive Director at the Boys & Girls Club while the search was on for a permanent ED. (The connection: 4 years serving on the Club’s Board of Directors, from 2007 to 2011.) Since then, Lisa has been a Marketing Consultant at Dakota Broadcasting, a small, family-owned radio station. When one door in her life had closed, God had always opened another one. Lisa is always up for an adventure, she can’t wait to see what God has planned next.

Aberdeen is still home, along with husband, Carl; son, Garrett (10); and two spoiled Shorkies (Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix), Mojo and Rockstar (Rockie). Volunteer work includes Sunday School teacher, Chair of the Children’s Ministry Committee at church, Chamber Ambassador, Junior Achievement classroom volunteer and Marketing Chair for the Boys & Girls Club’s capital campaign to build a new facility.

“The friendships made in financial aid are the best anyone can ask for. I truly miss spending time with the personalities of RMASFAA. Fortunately, LinkedIn and Facebook have allowed me to stay in touch with many former colleagues.”

As for the aerobics instructor in her, Lisa retired in 2011 after 22 years. However, she continues to keep up her Certified Fitness Instructor certification through the American Council on Exercise. “Because you never know.”

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