Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award Spotlight – Lisa (Artz) Anderson

In July, 1988, Lisa was hired as a Loan Collector at South Dakota Student Loan Corporation (now Student Loan Finance Corporation). It was her first “real” job after graduating from Northern State College (now Northern State University). 

In 1992 Lisa attended her first RMASFAA Conference in Sioux Falls as the unofficial “Official Aerobics Instructor”, which piqued her interest in the marketing side of the student loan industry. Six months later, she became the first marketing coordinator for SLFC. That evolved into School and Lender Relations Manager, a position she held until 2004. During that time Lisa attended each RMASFAA fall conference and many Summer Institutes.  In 1996, Lisa received the Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award (formerly, Rookie of the Year Award).  She served as Chair of the Associate Member portion of SI, was on the annual conference committee when South Dakota hosted in 2000 and helped with many RMASFAA, SDASFAA and NDASFAA committees.

Where is Lisa now?

Stay tuned for additional information… 

One thought on “Oscar R. ‘Jack’ Hendrix Award Spotlight – Lisa (Artz) Anderson

  1. John Nutter

    Thanks for these updates on the Oscar Hendrix Award recipients of the past. First I am pleased for the recognition this gives Jack Hendrix who was my predecessor at the University of Wyoming and a founding father of RMASFAA. It is even more fun to learn about the successes of these financial aid professionals I knew and enjoyed during my active years in RMASFAA. — John Nutter

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