Feedback (Federal Relations Committee) requested by Jeff Jacobs

An additional role I fulfill as serving as your past-president is to also serve on the Federal Relations Committee.  The committee exists to provide feedback directly to Justin Draeger, Megan McLean and Jess O’Connell from the NASFAA staff.  With that said, I would like you to preview the following two issues and provide me with some feedback to share with the Federal Relations Committee during the next conference call.  Please respond to me by the end of December.  


The RTF formulated (and the Board approved) a number of recommendations intended to simplify R2T4 and reduce burden, while maintaining the basic pro rata approach.  These recommendations took a fairly broad look.  The final report noted that the treatment of modules was an outstanding issue that would need follow-up.  The current treatment of modules is very difficult to understand (let alone explain to students) and results in inequitable treatment of students who withdraw during or between modules. The previous policy on modules also had problems, so a new approach is needed.  We hope that FIC can clearly articulate the problems with the current treatment, draw clear delineation between withdrawal and change of enrollment status, and suggest other ways of approaching the various scenarios that we now present problems.

F Grades

We believe an overall set of principles concerning the treatment of F grades needs to be drawn. Its application in different circumstances would need to be explained as well. These circumstances include determination of enrollment status for purposes of calculating and packaging aid, and calculation of earned aid if the student withdraws.

For example, under what conditions should an F grade be recognized as an “earned” grade for a completed course, and under what conditions must it be viewed as inconclusive concerning a student’s attendance? When should an F be treated as a change in enrollment status?

Thank you in advance for any feedback you can provide to me regarding these two issues.

Jeff Jacobs

RMASFAA Past-President

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