Final stop – Cheyenne, Wyoming!



Cheyenne is in our sights and the steam engine is starting to slow down to prepare for arrival. Here are the top 5 things to remember before we reach our final destination:

  1. Visit our travel page for details on out of state and in state transportation options at
  2. Don’t forget about our mobile web page at You will find schedules, maps, presenter information and session presentations right at your fingertips!
    • In an effort to save trees, paper copies of the information on the web and mobile site will not be available at the conference. If you prefer paper copies to the electronic format, you will need to print and bring it with you.
  3. The Philanthropy project will benefit the Laramie County Youth Alternatives program. Raffle tickets will be sold for a chance to win a tablet! Please consider helping out this inspiring program.
  4. The dress code at this conference is Casual Dress. This means that jeans are highly encouraged. Leave your slacks at home and enjoy a laid back atmosphere.
  5. Bring cash in order to partake in the evening beverage services during the conference! The cash bar will not accept checks or credit cards.

All Aboard! We look forward to seeing you in Cheyenne!

Your RMASFAA Publicity Committee

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