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Greetings from South Dakota. It’s hard to believe this year is almost over with. I wonder every year where does the time fly?
The SDASFAA “Financial Aid – The Amazing Race” Spring Conference in Aberdeen, South Dakota started off with some wonderful South Dakota winter weather which made traveling a little stressful with a little nail biting and some white knuckles. Luckily the ones who trekked to Aberdeen South Dakota (not Ireland as my phone app was looking for) made it safe and sound with only one car going in the ditch. Megan McClean from NASFAA made a safe landing which I was really grateful for since I wasn’t sure how I was going to cover her two sessions if she couldn’t make it. Unfortunately our illustrious RMASFAA President, Jeff Jacobs was not able to make it but Sharon Kienow, a former RMASFAA president, did a perfect job of reading his speech word for word and I must say it was an excellent speech. We finished up our conference with a celebration banquet with guest coming from a far to celebrate with us Clark Wold’s retirement. All in all a very memorable event.
Congratulation to Denise Grayson, Dakota State University who was awarded the Douglas Steckler Award in recognition of service to SDAFSAA and to Starla Russell, Western Dakota Tech who was awarded the Outstanding Service Award in recognition for her professional contributions and leadership to SDASFAA.
Years of service awards presented at the Spring conference:
10 years of service: Jon Muhs
15 years of service: Kim Nida; Corey Rabenberg, Ken Wallace
25 years of service: Lynn Murphy
30 years of service: Deb Henriksen
35 years of service: Jay Larsen; Brenda Murtha
45 years of service: Clark Wold

In the next couple of months things will be busy for SDASFAA with the following events planned: Support Staff Workshop-October; Fall Training-November; and High School Counselors workshop- December.

I was hoping in this blog to announce the 2014 new members to the SDAFSAA board but we have yet to fill all candidacy spots but hope to soon.

It’s been great serving as President for SDASFAA this past couple of years and as a state representative on the RMASFAA board. I am looking forward to handing over the reins to Ken Kocer 2013 President Elect.

Kristy O’Kief
Director of Financial Aid & SDASFAA 2012-2013 President
Dakota Wesleyan University

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