RMASFAA Fall Conference Update

The RMASFAA Express has traveled along the northern regions of North Dakota and Montana to arrive in Helena. The RMASFAA Express is at the half way point and it is a perfect time to recap our travels.

As the RMASFAA Express pulled out of the Topeka station, information regarding the RMASFAA Conference became clearer. On the way to Helena, we learned that our arrival was scheduled for October 20, 2013 in Cheyenne Wyoming where we would spend a little time visiting and learning. To help us get to Cheyenne on time, the RMASFAA Express conductors gave us information on a place to stay and what the schedule looked like for our stay. In turn, they asked us to ensure that we purchased our tickets for the event early and to propose ideas for our time in Cheyenne.
Now that we have reached Helena, a reminder that it is not too late for your ideas to be incorporated into our program. Just go to the information highway at http://www.rmasfaa.org/docs/conferences/2013/proposal.html and give us your suggestions, thoughts, and programs.
Finally, don’t be derailed by all the conference details, reserve your seat today at the 2013 RMASFAA Conference by going to http://www.rmasfaa.org/. All Aboard to Cheyenne!

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