WyASFAA Spotlight

WyASFAA 2013 Terri Susan LoriWyASFAA 2013 Games Kyla and JeffThis year WyASFAA will host the annual RMASFAA conference to be held October 20th-23rd at Little America in Cheyenne, Wyoming. With this in mind, it was decided to hold the WyASFAA Spring Conference at the same location and use the same theme. Part of the agenda included a tour of the facilities along with a meeting hosted by the conference chairs to make sure we are all “Keeping on Track!” Many committee members were able to get a better feel for how things will be set up and what they still need to work on in the coming months. It also gave members a chance to meet each other since we have many new members in our small state. A timeline for the committees was disbursed as well as a budget. This was very helpful and much appreciated by the chairs of each committee.
The lineup for presentations at this year’s conference was awesome. Sessions included FERPA, VA Benefits, Wyoming Hathaway Scholarship, One-Stop Customer Service Model, 2012 How America pays for College, and a financial literacy session called Hands-On Banking. Deb Tarpley from the Department of Education provided the highlights of the conference with her Federal Update session and some Hot Topics such as verification, dependency, and then a question and answer session.
Entertainment was provided in the form of Minute to Win It games. Those who participated learned the value of working together and got to know each other very well…some maybe more than they wanted to ;). We owe a big thank you to Myra Pfannenstiel for being our game host and helping facilitate such a fun event!!!
During the banquet the gavel was passed to the new president, Darry Voigt. Darry is a long-time member of WyASFAA and hopes to encourage others to become more active within the organization. We held the annual Business Meeting after the conference and it was decided that a committee will work on finding a location for next year’s conference and will then present the choices to the membership for vote prior to October. Most members agreed that having it in a non-college city works out better so more members can attend the whole conference without being called back to work. It was a great conference, many new friends were made and we hope to continue to strengthen our bonds!
The food was great!!! It is really something to look forward to in October. The facility is beautiful and we are really hoping that you all are planning to come see us in our great state of Wyoming!!!

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