Update from RMASFAA President, Jeff Jacobs

During the month of April many of you attended your state financial aid conference.  RMASFAA was also present at many of those conferences in the form of our presidents (Jeff Jacobs – President, Deb Byers – President Elect and Brenda Hicks – Past President).   A portion of time was devoted to a RMASFAA update to recognize those individuals who are involved in RMASFAA committee work.  Additionally the update included information regarding the purpose and work of each committee so that all those attending could have a better understanding of the makeup and work of RMASFAA as an organization.  The presidents also informed the group about the relationship between the state financial aid associations, RMASFAA and NASFAA.   All of us, Brenda, Deb and I, felt the excitement and energy being generated at the state conferences.  We also believe that the RMASFAA association is moving forward by fulfilling our mission and engaging the members of RMASFAA. 

 The Rocky Mountain Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators exists primarily to promote the professional preparation, leadership development and mutual support of persons involved in student financial aid administration.  With that said, next week kicks off the Summer Institute in Golden Colorado with approximately 154 participants.  The success of the Summer Institute takes a great deal of effort by many individuals and I want to thank all volunteers who are involved with this wonderful event.  Without your dedication and commitment RMASFAA could not fulfill its mission. 

Summer Institute is just one example of committee work that our association is involved with.  I would ask each of you to think about volunteering for a committee later this summer for the 2013-2014 year.  It takes many volunteers to ensure our association is completing the work that is necessary to host the wonderful training opportunities such as Summer Institute so I hope you consider volunteering in the future.

Additional Information:

The results of the election should be posted soon – stay tuned!

RMASFAA Conference in Cheyenne Wyoming October 20 – 23 2013.

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Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve.

Jeff Jacobs

RMASFAA President

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