MASFAA update

The 2013 annual MASFAA Conference was out of this world!  Leah Habel, MASFAA President-Elect (at the time) did a great job of organizing the Stars in the Big Sky – Traversing the Financial Aid Galaxy themed conference.  We were lucky to have some rock stars join us like NASFAA Chair, Ron Day, who gave a NASFAA update and spoke about the NASFAA tools, Department of Education Training Officer, Rick Renshaw, who told us of the newest federal regulations, as well as RMASFAA Past-President, Brenda Hicks, who updated us on the latest RMASFAA inner workings.  We also had the honor of meeting and listening to Montana Native, Loren Acton, MSU Physicist and Astronaut on Challenger in 1985.  Now that was truly a blast!   The Wheel of Fortune raffle successfully raised over $600 for the Mick Hanson Professional Development Scholarship for one lucky person who participates in the RMASFAA Leadership Pipeline this next year.


MASFAA has several members that have been a part of the association for many years:


15 Years – Valerie Curtin, Ricki Jones, Cathy Johnson, Ron Muffick

20 Years – Arlene Williams


Rita Larby from MSU Bozeman was bestowed the coveted 2013 Financial Aid Professional of the Year Award for her hard work, mentorship and dedication over the years!


It was also noted that MASFAA has a very strong presence in RMASFAA and NASFAA:



Board of Directors 3rd Year Representative at Large – Terri Gruba



Vice President – Valerie Curtin

Training Committee – Shelby Gilluly

Board of Directors Montana Representative – Cindy Small

Association Governance Committee – Valerie Curtin, Terri Gruba, Janet Riis

Summer Institute Committee – Valerie Curtin, Terri Gruba, Tressa Johnson, Kent McGowan, Sue Weinreis

Electronic Initiatives Committee – Roger Matthew

Membership Committee – Roger Matthew

Leadership Pipeline Committee – Ricki Jones


The new officers elected for the 2013-2014 aid year are:


Leah Habel, Great Falls College MSU – President

Tina Wagner, Carroll College – President – Elect

Cindy Small, MSU Northern – Past-President

Jessica Francischetti, Rocky Mountain College – Vice President/ Secretary

Bernie Warwood, MSU Bozeman – Treasurer

Julie Watson, MSU Bozeman – Member At Large

Candi Richardson, UM Western – Member At Large

Nolan Gluekert, Student Assistance Foundation – Associate Delegate


Looking forward to a challenging new year!  May the force be with you!



Valerie Curtin, Director of Financial Aid

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