Message from President Jeff Jacobs

Another Summer Institute training opportunity is held in St Louis Missouri from June 4 – 7. MASFAA Summer Institute conducts training for individuals who are fairly new to the profession, those with 1 – 5 years of financial aid experience. Over the three days of training, many financial aid professionals respected through the MASFAA association will be teaching new professionals the basics of financial aid. Student eligibility, application processing, return of Title IV aid, professional judgment, cost of attendance and pell awarding are all topics covered during this three day event.


The regional associations work very closely with each other to ensure we are all meeting our mission.  One of the main items that each regional association is involved with encompasses training for financial aid professionals.  Some regions offer week-long training events similar to RMASFAA’s Summer Institute.  If you are thinking about attending the RMASFAA Summer Institute but cannot attend due to scheduling conflicts, the following may be an alternative for you:

Registration is Open for WASFAA’s Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute

WASFAA invites you to join us for our Sister Dale Brown Summer Institute in Portland, OR. The Institute offers three tracks: Basic Track (June 23-28, 2013), Intermediate Track (June 26-28, 2013), and the Clock Hour Track (June 26-28, 2013) that will address financial aid procedures and processes specific to clock-hour programs. Join us for this professional development opportunity, as well as a chance to make friends with others in the industry. Visit us at today today to find more information and to register. Early-bird pricing through April 30th.

Deb Byers (President-Elect), Brenda Hicks (Past President) and myself, Jeff Jacobs (President) will be attending all of the upcoming state conferences.  We plan to provide a RMASFAA update detailing RMASFAA’s work this past year and highlighting some upcoming events.  Each of us looks forward to seeing many of you in the upcoming weeks. 



Jeff Jacobs

RMASFAA President

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