Federal Issues Update – Queue Jeopardy Theme Music

So. Friday. Tomorrow. Finally an end to the political theater. In my list of “what makes this book/movie really great” is the category: “Couldn’t figure out the ending within the first half-hour.” Sequestration News is hitting that mark.

Sequestration seems like all the country is talking about. NASFAA published a great report on the potential, estimated effects to individual institutions nationwide which I mentioned earlier in the week. It’s excellent. Eased my mind. I recommend that you use your NASFAA membership and take a look. It will help you plan, and might help ease a little anxiety.

BUT, there really is other “stuff” that is going on. Most notably, the recently released NASFAA task force report on Student Loan Indebtedness. If you haven’t wandered out to the NASFAA website to read this – I recommend it. This effort is a direct result and example of the impact and voice that you can have through organizations like RMASFAA and NASFAA. Your RMASFAA representatives on the board were part of the reason this task force was commissioned and part of the group who approved the final report.

Every month, I attend a phone conference where Justin Dreager asks this question: “What are the people in RMASFAA struggling with?” I always know what I am struggling with. I sometimes know what my colleagues are struggling with. I’d love to know what everyone is struggling with!

So far this month, I’ve heard from those of you who have been frustrated with continued data discrepancies between NSLDS and COD regarding Pell LEU amounts. I’ve heard from people wondering, “just how are we to follow up with the unusual enrollment flags?” I’ve heard from people wondering if there are statistics that can correlate completion of exit counseling directly to repayment. I’ve heard from people who are wondering how in the world to get their software to figure out if a particular course a student is taking “counts” toward the student’s degree.

This is great stuff! I want to know – is there more that I can do? Let me know: brenda.hicks@sckans.edu.

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