Sequestration is just days away. NASFAA, in their Today’s News has released this morning an institution-by-institution estimate (note the bolding and italics) of the effect of campus-based cuts. According to Justin Draeger, “The model was created using ED’s institutional-level formula elements for the 2013-2014 tentative campus-based allocations.” To find your school, use the (control+f) search feature and search for your OPE-ID or school name. The linkto the report is in the Today’s News article and is for NASFAA members only.

The amounts listed in the “Simulated Post-Sequester Allocations” column assume a 5.1% cut in sequestration. You will notice that the cut doesn’t affect base guarantees, but does affect fair share increases.

A huge thank you to NASFAA for providing this information for us. I am reminded on a daily basis how important our relationship with the regional and national associations are in times like these.

Best of luck on your hunt.

Brenda Hicks
Director of Financial Aid, AFC
Southwestern College
100 College St
Winfield, KS 67156

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