God Made the Financial Aid Administrator

This was an email received from Ron Day our NASFAA Chair:

During the recent SASFAA conference, I decided to adapt one of the Super Bowl ads, “God Made a Farmer” (which was my #1 ad of all of the 50+) – to “God Made the Financial Aid Administrator.” Several of you who attended asked me to share it with the NSAFAA BOD.

So – here it is. It was an attempt at encapsulating what it truly means to be an Aid Administrator. Thanks for all you do – both as a Board member and certainly as an Aid Professional. I would like to reiterate what Ron indicated “Thank you for all you do for students and the RMASFAA Association as our great nation is truly blessed to have such dedicated individuals working in the financial aid profession”!!!

God Made the Financial Aid Administrator
And on the 8th day of November, 1965, the U. S. President, Lyndon B. Johnson, signed into law the Higher Education Act of 1965. And he said, “We need individuals to administer these programs” – so came the Financial Aid Administer.

And LBJ said – “We need people who are willing to get up at 5am – work all day – hobble home tired and worn – eat supper – work at home for another 4 hours – go to meetings at high schools and attend other requests – go back home and sleep for a while – wake in the middle of the night and remember a task that was forgotten – go back to sleep if you can – and then get up the next day and do it all over again.”

“We need people who will work hard understanding multifaceted regulations – understand complex computer systems – award deserving students – only to see many, many of them fail – and then say, ‘Well maybe the next one will succeed. ‘ “

“We need a Financial Aid Administrator who can take an understaffed office – with a meager operating budget – which has staff who are severely underpaid – who is able to endure many audits and compliance reviews – who work alongside other offices who cannot or will not understand we are much more – and we do more – than merely award students.”

“We need dedicated individuals who work their 40 hours a week by Wednesday and then work 40 more before the week has ended.”

“We need individuals who are:
dedicated, determined, diligent –
who are often:
abused verbally, ridiculed, diminished, and misunderstood –
who are often called:
insensitive, uncaring, cruel –
who will:
read, study, comprehend, understand, plan, award, counsel, meet, listen, smile, laugh –

and yes, cry – with others who struggle to achieve a treasured educational goal – even amid ever changing processes – with seemingly ever diminishing resources – in a country that somehow has lost control of the message about the importance of higher education – especially affordable higher education for the most disadvantaged – with elected individuals who appear at times to be more interested in agendas than our country’s most treasured national resource – our students.”

“We need you more than ever – those wonderful financial aid professionals – who are true change agents – affecting the future in a very positive way.”

So yes – you and the profession – were asked and you have stepped up to the challenge. You are true professionals – and I say without hesitation – “God truly made a Financial Aid Administrator.”

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