Diversity Digest – A Thank You from Susan Davila

The RMASFAA Summer Institute has been one of the greatest experiences I have had during my short time with the financial aid department.  I have only been in this line of work for two years and have learned a lot of valuable information.  We took group pictures during our week in Colorado and I have them displayed above my computer to remind me that financial aid can be “fun”.  The best part of the week was being able to learn while having fun.  I used a few of the warm-up exercises and games that we played while learning about financial aid.  I will never forget the AWESOME experience I had an opportunity to take part in.

I work at a Tribal College in North Dakota, Sitting Bull College, and we have a very unique atmosphere.  I learn everyday about the importance of our positions in the financial aid department.   We do not currently offer student loans but having the knowledge to pass on to students has been helpful for both them and me.  I try to keep up to date with the current information because I want to always have a positive impact on the students and their education.  If I have the opportunity to attend again, I would most definitely do it.


 Susan Davila

Financial Literacy/Scholarship Coordinator

Sitting Bull College

9299 Hwy 24

Fort Yates, ND  58538

Office: 701-854-8006

Fax: 701-854-3403

Email:  susand@sbci.edu



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