My hat is off to you…Happy Financial Aid Professionals Day!!

So how many years have you been in Financial Aid?

This question has been asked numerous times by our-selves, our students, parents, co-workers, grocery store clerks.  The answers given vary from those who are a first year neophyte to those who have worked for decades in Federal Student Aid . All of us can be proud of any time we have been working with students who need Financial Aid. I say congratulations to the newer members of our group for picking a challenging and rewarding career and to those 35-year seasoned practitioners of Financial Aid; my hat is off to you. I think you have earned high praise, admiration and should be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor and a Purple Heart.  

I wonder though how the answers may be harder to define if we were instead asked “so how many people have you helped with Financial Aid?” Not only would you need to include the people who have benefitted directly from your assistance, but there are so many that you might never count such as the young child who is influenced by their older college attending sibling who wouldn’t be able to attend without funding or the parent who reconsiders going back to school to finish their degree since their son or daughter told them about the possibility of financial aid. This ‘ripple’ effect is truly immeasurable. So regardless of your years of Financial Aid service, give yourself a pat on the back for the many times you’ve helped someone step closer in reaching their educational dream.

Happy Financial Aid Professionals Day!

Regina Smout Carver

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