It’s Not Too Late – RMASFAA Needs You!

If you’ve been meaning to volunteer for a RMASFAA Committee, but just haven’t gotten around to logging onto the website to do so, it’s not too late!  There are still plenty of opportunities where you can share your talents, expertise and interests.  If you’re wondering where you might be needed most – the following information should help you determine which committees still need several volunteers.

Association News:  still needs a committee member from each of the following states –  North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah and Wyoming to help spread “the news” regarding each of our states in the region!

Corporate Support:  needs a couple of individuals who love to raise money!

Diversity and Multicultural Initiatives:  needs a few more volunteers committed to examining issues of importance to the multicultural community and the needs of our diverse membership.

Finance and Audit:  could use a few individuals who enjoy watching over the money!

Membership Committee:  Still needs “cheerleaders” from the following states to serve on this committee –  Colorado, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and Utah.  While serving on this committee you will help to spread the word about the value of joining RMASFAA. 

Training Committee:  Be a part of planning and arranging for all regional training activities for this upcoming year (with the exception of Summer Institute and the Annual Conference) by serving on this committee.  Still need representation from the following states:  Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and Utah. 

Don’t see your state specifically listed above and still want to serve on a specific committee?  Feel free to do so; the committees will only be stronger with added support!  All you need to do to volunteer is complete the volunteer form located on the RMASFAA website ( and click on the “Online Forms” link…you’ll be glad you did and so will RMASFAA! 

Deb Byers

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