RMASFAA Members – We “Need You Now”

Just like the title lyric in Lady Antebellum’s country music song… RMASFAA members – we “Need You Now”! 

Where can you utilize your personal and professional talents and knowledge base, develop and fine tune your leadership skills, make new friends and find camaraderie and mutual support in this noble profession we call financial aid?  As part of a RMASFAA committee – that’s where!!

Be involved… be a part of the fun…volunteer for a RMASFAA committee today!  There are a number of committees to choose from, each with a specific role in promoting the mission of the Association and making RMASFAA one of the outstanding regional financial aid associations in the country!  But RMASFAA is only as successful as the sum of its parts – and those parts are made up of you – our members!

In the days to come, I’ll highlight some of the committees that have the highest need for volunteers.  In the meantime, consider volunteering for a committee.  All you have to do is complete the volunteer form under the “Online Forms” link on the RMASFAA website at www.rmasfaa.org.  I hope you choose to be involved!

 Thank you and remember…RMASFAA – needs you now!

 Deb Byers
RMASFAA President Elect-Elect


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