RMASFAA Philantropic Projects Make a Difference

With the RMASFAA conference just around the corner we thought it would be great to update you on last year’s Philanthropic Project:  Books for Charlo School K-12.  We had high hopes that our members would get behind this project donating best beloved books as well as books suggested by the school librarian, Jan Rasmussen.  For three solid days book sales were high and cash donations flowed in.  In the end we ended up with 270 books donated and over $200!!!  On Jan’s original list of 133 books we were able to purchase all but 25 books (and only because we didn’t have these on hand to sell!) –absolutely amazing!!!  Some books we even had multiple copies of so students wouldn’t have to wait it if it was checked out.  In addition, not only did we gift Charlo’s School Library with a Nook but it was a COLOR NOOK!!  The leftover cash after the purchase was used to buy additional books.  As you can see from the pictures the new additions were a hit!  And as Jan said “Thank you to everyone that helped in supporting Charlo school with your book drive!  It is truly appreciated!!!”

In another exciting update from Jan herself:  We found that she and another teacher wrote a “Striving Readers” grant in December and they were awarded it the end of January.  It is a 3-yr. grant – and it will total +$1million dollars by the end (if the government continues to fund:-)]  With these funds, Charlo school will be able to purchase new iPads, iPods, netbooks – plus all of the Professional Development that they will need to go along with the new devices.

Also written into the grant is a substantial amount of funds to update their K-12 collection focusing on the expository sections of the library.  Along with the amazing books that our group gave to them – their collection will become one that the kids in Charlo school will finally start using again.  They will also be purchasing new Nooks for the three special education rooms and the library, which will also fit nicely with our generous donation of the Color Nook from the conference.
So from the 2011 RMASAFAA Philanthropic Committee to you:  A lifetime is too short and our warmest words too few to thank those whose thoughtfulness brightened Charlo students’ days and touched their hearts and allowed them to brew their imagination through new books.

Enjoy the RMASFAA 2012 Conference in Omaha!

Tina Wagner, 2011 RMASFAA Philanthropic Chair

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