RMASFAA Experience

This time of year when things start to settle down a bit, and as we head into conference season…I always feel a sense of rejuvenation… it’s a time to recharge those professional batteries. There are so many things I value deeply about belonging to a great organization such as RMASFAA.   I have been fortunate to experience and receive some great training at events like Summer Institute.  I cherish the opportunities I have been given to learn and enhance my leadership skills from some individuals that I consider to be legends in our industry.  I have developed relationships and friendships with many individuals who I know will be lifelong friends, and who have been there for me throughout a difficult season in my life.  I know when there are questions that I don’t know the answer too…I have all these resources in you to turn to for support and assistance.  Having the opportunity to volunteer and be involved in RMASFAA challenges you to grow professionally. 

These are just some of the things that I value most about belonging to a great organization such as this. What do you value  most about the RMASFAA experience?

April Keim
RMASFAA Association News Chair

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