SDASFAA Spotlight

Greetings from South Dakota where it has been extremely hot and extremely dry!  It’s hard to believe it is July which means Fall is just around the corner.   I hope everyone is getting geared up for this coming school year.

The SDASFAA “Spring Training” Conference at the Lodge of Deadwood was a “grand slam” event.  The event could not have happened without my amazing conference committee team: Deb Henriksen, Mary Anne Whitman, Ken Kocer, Cheryl Bullinger, Erin Richards, Cindy Ostert and Starla Russell.   The lineup for this training event was amazing.  , starting with our keynote speaker Matt Jones a three time cancer survivor that helped to put things into perspective.  Next out of the gate Rick Renshaw newly appointments to the US Department of Education, Denver Case training team (we really put his knowledge to work over the two days with 5 sessions).  He was truly a great sport about it.  Jeff Jacobs, RMASFAA President-elect, also took a turn at the bat giving us an update of RMASFAA and we also put his knowledge to good use.  Many more took part in making this a successful conference:  Ken Kocer, Cindy Ostert, Laura Schultz, Tom Ternes, Ken Wallace, Clark Wold, Denise Grayson, Marlene Seeklander, Monica Gannon and Jason Gant, South Dakota Secretary of State.   

Big congratulation to Sharon Martin who was awarded the Douglas Steckler Award in recognition of service to SDAFSAA and to Carolyn Halgerson who was awarded the Outstanding Service Award in recognition for her professional contributions and leadership to SDASFAA. 

Years of service awards presented at the Spring conference: 

Grant Uecker retired this June after 38 years of service to SDASFAA

10 years of service:  Lynette Grabowska; Emily Studenski, Laura Entzel

20 years of service: Ken Kocer

25 years of service: Cheryl Bullinger; David Martin

30 years of service: Carmen Neugebauer

 Current events for SDASFAA:  This July the SDAFSAA board met for two half days to review the SDASFAA committee structure to better fit with the changing times.  It was a great meeting and we got a lot accomplished.  Kudos to my board for their hard work, I’m proud of what we got accomplished. 

Kristy O’Kief
Director of Financial Aid & SDASFAA 2012 President
Dakota Wesleyan University




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