Rest, Relax and RMASFAA in Chicago!

NASFAA is reporting that the wonderful folks of RMASFAA will be well represented in Chicago in the next two weeks!  This is exciting news indeed.  I hope you find the conference to be enjoyable and information packed.

A couple of quick items:

1)      If this is your first time to a NASFAA conference, I highly recommend attending the Welcome and Orientation for New Members and First-Time Conference attendees which will be held on Sunday, July 22 at 10:00 a.m in Columbus IJKL.  It’s brief, informal, contains excellent information on planning your conference and best of all – I will be there!   I’d love to see all your wonderful faces.  Let’s pack the room, RMASFAA!

2)      Monday night is on your own.  Because we know that many of you are traveling to the conference alone, we will be having an “informal” RMASFAA gathering at the Hyatt Regency BIG BAR starting around 5:00 p.m.  Feel free to gather with your friends from RMASFAA as you make plans to head out on the town Monday evening.

3)      If you haven’t downloaded your official program yet, it is ready to go on the conference agenda website.  Good information in there, I recommend downloading it to your favorite electronic toy.  There’s also all kinds of cool electronic gizmos on the website to play with – including a session scheduler and ALL KINDS OF NEAT STUFF.  Go.  Experiment.  Have fun.

4)      Meeting rooms at these things are HUGE.  Particularly during the large, comprehensive events.  I’m going to take a cue from the good folks in Montana and let you know that if you want to find people you know, always look to the right of the room and down – that’s where they will be. 

Folks, I look forward to seeing you soon in Chicago!

Brenda Hicks
RMASFAA President

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