NASFAA Training Opportunity, a pre-conference workshop: Leadership On A Dime: Leveraging Resources On A Limited Budget!

Dear Colleagues,

 On behalf of the NASFAA Access & Diversity Committee (ADC), I would like to take the opportunity to remind you about the upcoming NASFAA 2012 Conference to be held in Chicago, Illinois on July 22-25, 2012.  The conference theme is “Winds of Uncertainty:  Navigating the National Commitment to College Access and Affordability.”  As you can see, the conference theme embodies current times, as well as the goals and objectives of our National Chair, Pamela Fowler. 

 The NASFAA ADC is hosting one of the pre-conference workshops being offered on July 21, 2012.  The pre-conference workshop is entitled “Leadership On A Dime:  Leveraging Resources On A Limited Budget!”  The targeted audience will be comprised of small and “under resourced” institutions, primarily composed of tribal colleges, small religious- based institutions, HBCU’s, Hispanic, and other minority serving institutions.

 The agenda will provide an opportunity for attendees to focus on subject matter in an informal setting which is more conducive to discussion and networking opportunities to facilitate the learning process.  Attendees will also be presented with resources and networking contacts that they can utilize in the future when they return to their offices.  Managing a financial aid office to successfully administer aid is challenging, however, being an under resourced institution makes it even more challenging.  Our keynote speaker, Dr. Lana Low will address the successful efforts being made to extend the reach of these overextended financial aid offices by leveraging school and community resources and partnerships.     Other presenters will address the institutions role regarding staffing needs, development of a policy and procedure manual, leadership development, default prevention, financial literacy and technology.   The preliminary agenda is available on the web site.  

For further information on the pre-conference workshop and annual conference including agendas, registration and housing visit the NASFAA 2012 Conference site.  If you would like to register for the pre-conference workshop and/or the conference you may click here to register.  If you have already registered to attend the NASFAA National Conference and would now like to register for the pre-conference workshop, please call NASFAA’s Membership Staff at (202) 785-0453 x 1.

If you have any questions regarding this training opportunity, please contact me or any of my fellow colleagues who are members of the NASFAA Access & Diversity Committee and they will be happy to assist you:

Brenda M. Brown 

Nathan Stratton     

Will Shaffner          

We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Brenda M. Brown
SASFAA Rep on the NASFAA Access & Diversity Committee

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