Cross Over Regulatory Relief!!

The news we’ve been waiting for!!!!  Cross over regulatory relief has arrived!  ED has issued interim final regulations to amend the section dealing with determining the award year for a Federal Pell Grant payment period that occurs in two award years (for most of us, that means summer).  Basically, they have re-established the rules as they existed prior to the 2009-2010 award year.  NASFAA will be announcing this in an article in Today’s News tomorrow and you can see the full article on their website:,_Seeks_Comments_on_Interim_Pell_Grant_Regulation.aspx

Already packaging according to the (now old) crossover rules?  It is NASFAA’s understanding that a summer packaging policy that followed the crossover rules that were in place prior to this Federal Register would still be in compliance.  No need to repackage.

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