CAFAA Spotlight-Cindy Hejl CAFAA President

Here in the beautiful state of Colorado we are all gearing up for the start of the 2012-13 year as everyone else is across the nation!  We just completed our College Goal Sunday with many schools providing $1000 scholarships for drawings for the students who participated in this event.  We don’t know our totals yet since it actually was held this past weekend but it was refreshing to hear from a couple of families that actually filling out their income  information to FAFSA was not as scary as they thought it would be.  Always encouraged to hear that!

The most interesting thing this year is that we actually have a couple of state representatives hosting financial aid sessions across the state.   They are working with College in Colorado and various campuses to host these financial aid sessions with small groups of parents and students.    We will see how this all works out for our campuses and students in the state. 

Many schools are starting to look at producing videos/YouTube videos to show their students either thru a campus tv station, having links on their website or sending out thru emails.  It would be interesting to see if we could produce a library that perhaps could be shared across our states.  What do you all think?

Good luck and good health to all in 2012!

Cindy Hejl
2012 President of CAFAA

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