RMASFAA Elections

In my short duration of serving as President-Elect I have learned so much about RMASFAA.  The one area I knew about already but is reinforced almost daily is how wonderful and talented our RMASFAA members are.  Serving on the RMASFAA Board of Directors has been a tremendous experience and I hope you will also consider serving on the RMASFAA Board of Directors.  Please consider nominating one of your RMASFAA colleagues or nominating yourself to serve in any of the positions on the board that begins in October of 2012:

Associate Member Delegate

 Nominations for the above mentioned officer positions will be accepted through March 15, 2012.  So don’t be shy, nominate yourself.  The online nomination form is located at:


You will need your RMASFAA user id and password to open and submit the nomination form.

 Campaign Guidelines:

*Candidates must be current RMASFAA members.

*Candidates shall provide a resume and photograph to be used in the election process.

*Candidates for President-Elect shall provide a statement of candidacy of not more than one page.

 Election Timeline:

By March 15 – Submission of Nominations Completed By May 1 – Election Opens By June 1 – Election Closes By June 15 – Counting of Ballots





Jeff Jacobs
RMASFAA President-Elect

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