Adequate Staffing and NASFAA Staffing Model

RMASFAA members,

Below is a message from NASFAA requesting primary contacts of NASFAA complete a survey regarding  adequate staffing needs for a financial aid office…..Please take the time to complete the survey if you are the primary contact for your institution.


NASFAA is currently gathering information to update the Staffing Model, which will be released to its members late January 2012.  The purposes of the Staffing Model is to help offices gauge their staff sizes against their peers across the country.  In other words, the Staffing Model will answer the question: Does your office have enough staff members to adequately administer financial aid?

Two weeks ago, Directors of Financial Aid Offices were invited to complete the survey to create Staffing Model.  For those who have yet to complete the survey, a reminder is scheduled to go out this afternoon because the survey’s deadline is December 22, 2011. 

 If you are a current NASFAA member, you can view the outdated 2006 Staffing Model online: to learn more on how the Staffing Model can help you with your staffing needs.


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