My RMASFAA Conference experience….

As I started thinking about what I was thankful for as we head into this Thanksgiving weekend, it brought back fond memories of my time with all of you at this year’s RMASFAA Fall Conference in Missoula. I always come back from conferences refreshed and rejuvenated because I am able to visit with everyone and find out that I am not the only one struggling with a certain issue or regulation!

Some of the most memorable moments of the conference included the strong slate of programming to attend as well as the Sons of Beeches. I know that being from Montana, I was definitely able to appreciate their humor and I hope that all of you who were from out-of-state appreciated some of the funny quirks that we have in our wonderful state!

Representation from NASFAA and the Department of Education was amazing and added great depth to the programming. I appreciated Justin Draeger’s NASFAA update and the knowledge and leadership he continues to bring to us through NASFAA. It seemed that this year’s break-out sessions provided many opportunities for discussion between all of us, which is always so valuable. It was also wonderful to see our vendor participation increase this year and to meet some new faces and see old friends. The conference setting was perfect and allowed us direct access to the vendors without taking us away from the conference area.

Last, but surely not least, I am so proud of everyone who organized this year’s conference – way to go Montana!!! It was a special moment to see Janet Riis preside over the RMASFAA Conference as RMASFAA President in her home state. I look forward to meeting up with everyone again next year in Nebraska!

Jessie Dufner
Association News-Vice-Chair

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