Leadership Pipeline Graduates

2010-2011 Leadership Pipeline Graduates

It is with great pleasure that we announce the graduation of the six participants in RMASFAA Leadership Pipeline for 2010-2011. Graduating at RMASFAA 2011 in Missoula Montana were:

Cindy Ostert – Black Hills State University

LeAnn Hoffman – Wayne State College

Christina Jensen – Colorado School of Mines

Kellie Leake Choate – University of North Dakota

Jenny Leigh Adler – Colorado State University

April Keim – Wichita State University

These six colleagues under the leadership of Leadership Pipeline Chair, Beverly Bell, participated in a year-long examination of the qualities and traits of leaders.  They worked with mentors and discussion leaders along the way who presented information and shared experiences on everything from passion in work and life to planning to understanding political influences and power. 

The Pipeline closed with a Seminar in which participants had an informal and lively discussion with NASFAA National Chair, Pam Fowler, NASFAA President Justin Draeger, SASFAA President Elect Jeff Dennis and RMASFAA President Janet Riis and President-Elect Brenda Hicks.  The closing session was an amazing exchange between these seasoned leaders and the pipeline participants. Much was learned by all!

In addition to Beverly Bell, the Pipeline program included a mentoring program. Serving as mentors this year were:

Thad Spaulding — Arapahoe Community College

Jim Swanson — Colorado College

Cristi Easton — Salt Lake Community College

Mary Sommers — University of Nebraska at Kearney

Brenda Murtha — Augustana College

Katie Nettel — Lake Region State College

John Garrigues – Wells Fargo

Curt Martin – Mesa State College

Craig Karlin – Fort Hays State University

Curriculum design and discussion topics were led by members of the Pipeline Committee:  

Joe Donlay, Wichita State University,

Kelly Svenkesen – Laramie County Community College

Roger Matthew – Montana State University – Bozeman

Plans are underway for the 2011-2012 Pipeline Program. Watch the RMASFAA Website for application information after the first of the year!

One thought on “Leadership Pipeline Graduates

  1. LeAnn Hoffman

    As a Pipeline participant the experience was absolutely amazing! I would highly recommend the program to anyone who is looking to further their career in the Financial Aid industry or just want to learn leadership skills. The experience, confidence, skills, networking and contacts I received are indescribable.

    A HUGE thank you to NeASFAA for sponsoring me! I was able to participate in the program only because my state organization helped with expenses (the majority of the program is through conference calls making expenses minimal). To all those state presidents/boards, please consider sponsoring an individual (or two) as NeASFAA did for me. The investment they made is coming back to them as I will be NeASFAA’s President for 2013-14! As for the institution, you will get a confident individual with the knowledge and skills to take on leadership roles on your campus and willing to share objectives learned to other staff members.

    LeAnn Hoffman
    Assistant Financial Aid Director
    Wayne State College

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