RMASFAA People- Who Am I?

I love to camp, raft, ski, golf and travel.  My favorite TV show is Young and the Restless and my favorite shopping is in Golden, CO at Chelsey’s.  I love spicy food and can pair a wine to any menu item.  My first financial aid conference I Sumo wrestled Jennifer Almli in Missoula, Montana.  Last year I made many friends while I traveled our region and attended NASFAA Board meetings and conferences.  I’m happy to say as of last week at our RMASFAA Conference in Missoula, Montana, I’m your Past-President, Janet Riis. 

 The Conference Committee did a fantastic job this past week- congratulations on your Committee of the Year Award! 

 I just want to say  a big thank you to our association members for a great year!  Without volunteers RMASFAA wouldn’t be as strong as it is and without friends that I met this year and mentors I’ve had for years in the profession I wouldn’t have had such a great time traveling our region this past year.  Congratulations to our new Board of Directors lead by President, Brenda Hicks!  Best wishes for a productive year ahead!

Janet Riis
RMASFAA Past-President

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