Need help in choosing a book for RMASFAA’s book drive??


Here are a few titles to get the ideas BREWING! 

  1. Trouble Brewing:  A Fun Song About the Boston Tea Party (Fun Songs)  Author:  Michael Dahl
  2. Brewing Up (Witch-in-Training) Author:  Maeve Friel
  3. The Brewing Storm Author:  Constance Burge
  4. Witches Brew (Spell Casters) Author:  Mercer Warriner & Holly Hughes
  5. The Queen and the Coffee Bean Author:  Lindsay Andreotti
  6. Hubble Bubble:  A Potent Brew of Magical Poems Author:  Andrew Fusek Peters
  7. Strange Brew (Bone Chillers No. 5) Author:  Betsy Haynes
  8. The Bug in Teacher’s Coffee:  And Other School Poems Author:  Kalli Dakos
  9. All Because of a Cup of Coffee Author:  Geronimo Stilton

   10. The Biography of Coffee (How Did That Get Here?) Author:  Adrianna    Morganelli

11. The Story of Starbucks (built for Success) Author:  Sara Gilbert

12. Coffee Stained Critters Author:  Karla Lepard

13. Tim Horton:  From Stanley Cups to Coffee Cups (Larger Than Life) Author:  Don Quinlan

14. The Coffee Can Kid Author:  Jan Czech

15. Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty Author:  Jody Gehrman

16. How Starbucks saved my life Author:  Michael Gill

17. Espresso Shot Author:  Cleo Coyle

18. Matthew’s Brew Author:  Gina Erickson                                     

19. Old Witches Brew Author:  Maria Elean Perez

20. The Coffee Shop of the Living Dead (Escapade Johnson) Author:  Michael Sullivan

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