BREW the imagination of young people with great books!

Charlo School, home to the Vikings, is located in beautiful Charlo, MT population 439.  This K-12 school is the heart of the town.   They have 319 students, 169 in elementary, 50 in junior high, and 100 in high school.   They have over a 50% free and reduced lunch rate.  Did you know that 61% of low-income families have no age-appropriate books in their homes for their children?  That’s why the school library is so important.   With school budgets the way they are (AREN’T) any assistance with obtaining new books for the library is heaven-sent according to their librarian, Jan Rasmussen.  So let’s open up our RMASFAA’s hearts and fill those bookshelves with books and get some reading BREWING in Charlo!  Please bring an age appropriate book(s) with you when you visit beautiful Missoula, MT  in October.  The book(s) can be one of your favorites as a kid or feel free to browse the list provided below to get the ideas BREWING.

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