RMASFAA Brew of the Month Club

The RMASFAA Brew of the Month Club would like to begin the journey to RMASFAA Oktoberfest 2011 in the great state of Utah where the campuses are more abundant than the various coffee houses, pubs, and breweries you might encounter along the way.  While in Salt Lake City stop in at Squatters Pub, or sample some Mill Creek Coffee along the way to Park City to check out the Wasatch Brew Pub.  If you are still below your beverage quota, Park City Coffee Roasters is nearby.     

This summer you might find yourself in Salt Lake City Utah, taking part in Summer Institute, RMASFAA’s seasonal offering where great financial administrators learn their trade.  While you are there you can visit the Red Rock Brewing Company for some premium brews and wood fire pizza, or try an Elephino Root Beer!

Colorado will be your next stop in the RMASFAA Brew of the Month Club.  Stay tuned as you make your way to RMASFAA Oktoberfest 2011, and remember…  There’s Something Brewing in Montana!

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