Welcome to the RMASFAA Brew of the Month Club!

You have made a wise decision to join us as we travel our eight state region to sample the best RMASFAA has to offer!  Brew samples will hail from Colorado to Utah and from Wyoming to the Dakotas with some specialties from Kansas and Nebraska as your bonus for joining us!  Your club membership culminates with a spectacular Oktoberfest celebration in Missoula, Montana, home of some of the world’s best brews!

So, whether you are new to brew appreciation or a seasoned brew veteran, you will be experiencing some of the best RMASFAA has to offer!  Follow along with us as we spend the next eight months sampling what each state has to offer and remember, come October… There’s Something Brewing in Montana!!!  

Plan to be in Missoula, Montana for RMASFAA 2011 Oktoberfest, October 16-19, and check out some of the great things Missoula has to offer!

Hilton Garden Inn   (RMASFAA’s primary hotel)


Missoula, Montana Chamber of Commerce


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