RMASFAA Represented at National Leadership Conference

RMASFAA was strongly represented at the National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC March 6th, 7th, and 8th. The National Leadership Conference allows state presidents and presidents-elect to attend sessions planned around leadership. The sessions focus on many important aspects of good general planning and leadership. For example:

– Planning your year as state president

– Fiscal Responsibility

– A discussion on national issues

– Opportunity to share and exchange ideas with your peers

– And perhaps most importantly – Hill Visits

For more detailed information on the National Leadership Conference, please contact your state president or president-elect.

Just some of the RMASFAA members in attendance: (Front Row) Donna Carter (KASFAA), Valerie Lambert (MASFAA), Brenda Hicks (RMASFAA President-Elect), Veronica Sherwood (WYASFAA), Cindy Hejl (CAFAA). (Back Row) Amy Capps (UASFAA), Art Young (UASFAA), Mary Sommers (RMASFAA rep to the NASFAA Leadership and Professional Advancement Committee), and Shannon Evenson (CAFAA).

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