UASFAA Update – Art Young, UASFAA President

The Utah Association is looking forward to two full days of Department of Education training, which will be held at Utah Valley University on April 20 and 21.  Our presenters will be Deb Tarpley and Margaret Day.  The first day is all about new regulations and the second day will focus on DL reconciliation, exit & entrance counseling, consumer information, FAFSA changes, and NSLDS.  We will then hold our annual Spring Conference at the same location on Friday, April 22.  The focus of the one-day conference will be on best practices for keeping staff members trained and up-to-date on both regulatory changes and basic financial aid knowledge.  The theme of the conference will be “Survivor: UVU Financial Aid Island,” complete with a tropical island luau and Polynesian Dancers from UVU as entertainment.  Of course, tensions will be high as we all hope to win immunity from a program review.  However, voting people off the island will be strictly regulated and only enforced in the most extreme cases (of course, all outcasts will be given the opportunity to redeem themselves by performing R2T4 hand calculations).

Jan Burton, our Membership Chair, has been working on encouraging member institutions to renew their membership, as well as reaching out to encourage new schools and those who may have allowed their membership to expire to join the association.  Kim Knapton is reaching out to our associate members and inviting other organizations and businesses that might be interested to participate in our conference and to join the association.  UASFAA President Art Young and President-Elect Amy Capps are excited to participate in the NASFAA Leadership Conference, which will be held March 6-8 in Washington, D.C.

We are all working harder, faster, and more efficiently to keep up with the ever-changing world we work in and striving to be invigorated (instead of being infuriated) by the constant change that surrounds us all.

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