Movers/Shakers from around the State of Utah

University of Utah

Wendy Clark left our office for a position at the School of Medicine. Erica Rojas was hired to replace Wendy as the Program Manager, Professional Schools.

Sarah Dalling was promoted from Financial Aid Counselor to Program Coordinator, Quality Assurance.  Dave Garaycochea moved from a Financial Aid Specialist position to a Computer Professional Position within the office.

Laneta Fitisemanu, a Financial Aid Specialist, was married in November. Congratulations!


Utah Valley University

Two counselors left: Clint Martinez moved to academic advising on campus and Rachel McRae had a baby boy and left us last October

We have hired Sarah Heywood and Melissa Stewart to replace those positions. 

Two upcoming weddings among the counseling staff: Melissa Stewart and Maddi Weston in March

Davis Applied Technical College

We’ve hired a part-time Customer Service Rep.  Angie Hawley works for us all day Monday and Tuesday.  She has been a terrific help in dealing with our weekly enrollments.  We are thrilled to have her on board with us here at DATC. 



Brigham Young University

Doug Young and Steve Bang have recently retired from the Counseling Center after many years of service to the university and the financial aid profession.  Also, Kalisi Palu has left her position as manager of the Processing Center and is now a Student Academic & Advisement Services (SAAS) Counselor.  Other SAAS Counselors are Lynn Jensen, Scott Strong, Todd Martin, Troy Selk, Gene Priday, and Joe Peabody. 

Cherie Egan and Nicole Herrera have moved from the Financial Aid Office to the Processing Center, and Ellie Roberts, Jill Robinson, and Kimberlee Aten have moved from the Processing Center to the Financial Aid Office (Ellie as the Liaison to Student Services, Jill as a Scholarship & Financial Aid Specialist, and Kimberlee as the Liaison to the Processing Center).

 Mary Beth Weston is the Liaison to the SAAS Counseling Center.  Paul Conrad is now the Financial Aid Outreach and Education Manager, focusing on MBA and Law programs and his passion for financial literacy. 

In Technical Support, Janell Johnson, who previously worked with PeopleSoft at Intel, was recently hired as a System Analyst. 

Kim Laker (Associate Director of Financial Aid) got married in August and moved to West Valley, becoming an immediate mother of 7!  Art Young started just this week as our new Associate Director and immediately volunteered to donate his own 4 children so that Kim’s total would sound even more impressive (unfortunately, she wasn’t interested).


Provo College

Provo College welcomes a new Financial Services Representative.  His name is D.J. Ozzello. 

Nick Johnson has just been appointed Associate Director of Financial Services.  He will be assuming the leadership for the office and we are excited about his new role (he has been a counselor here for two years and has done an outstanding job).


Utah State University

 The USU-CEU Merger should be completed in Fall 2011.

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