Greetings from Colorado…a message from Colorado President Karla Nash


It’s hard to believe it’s already 2011 and the month of February is almost over!  Just like all of the other states, Colorado has been busy getting ready for to implement the Final Program Integrity Rules while still trying to figure out all the new tricks for Year Round Pell.  Yikes!  Financial Aid is a wonderful field to work in but not for the ‘weak at heart’ or for those who don’t like change.

Last year under the leadership of Thad Spaulding with the assistance of the exceptional 2010 CAFAA Board, great things were accomplished in CAFAA. 

Check out our new CAFAA website –  !  It is truly beautiful thanks to the hard work of Thad and Natascha Ambrose.  I believe it will be a great resource with a wealth of information for years to come.

Our 2010 CAFAA Royale Conference in Blackhawk, Colorado will go down in ‘Bond’ film history as a tremendously successful hit!  The Conference Agenda attracted many non-financial aid folks who wanted to learn some basics of financial aid. The critics wrote raving reviews of both the location and the agenda.  A big round of thanks goes out to all of the conference committee volunteers under the leadership of Michael Amaloo. 

Colorado is a great state and the CAFAA membership is the best!  The 2011 CAFAA Board definitely has a tough act to follow but they are all up to the task.

It is truly an honor to serve as the CAFAA President for 2011 and I look forward to working with both the CAFAA and the  RMASFAA members.

Karla Nash

Director  | Financial Aid

Phone: 303.556.3591 | Fax: 303.556.5458


Campus Box 206 | P.O. Box 173363 | Denver, CO 80217-3363

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