RMASFAA Update from President, Janet Riis

Greetings from RMASFAA!

The news from Punxsutawney, PA was just what we wanted to hear: Spring will come early this year, thanks to good old Punxsutawney Phil.  For 125 years, a groundhog on a mission has crawled out of his burrow on Feb. 2nd.   If he sees his shadow, we’re stuck with winter for six more weeks. If he doesn’t, it means we’ve got only two more weeks to trudge through.  So that means next week I’ll be jumping for joy and Keith in our office will be crying because the snow is melting!  It’s been a long winter in Montana- and I love snow…but enough is enough.

Turning your attention to RMASFAA news, all of our committees have been busy the past 3 months!  And our winter Board meeting will be held March 11th and 12th in Denver, CO. 

Our Membership committee under Deb Byers leadership has been busy recruiting members.  The deadline to renew your membership is March 15th– don’t delay, renew today!  http://www.rmasfaa.org/docs/forms/memApp.html

As you read this blog you know Sarah Sell has been busy implementing our new Association News, RMASFAA Blog.  To date we’ve had 11 posts since its launch in November and Sarah continues to schedule more.  If you have mover and shaker news or articles to share with the association please contact Sarah.  SarahSell@creighton.edu

The Summer Institute committee lead by Myra Pfannenstiel has been hard at work planning the premier CORE training in the western hemisphere!  The theme is RMASFAA’s Got Talent- if you have new stars in your office…

SAVE THE DATE—JUNE 5th-10th, 2011

Rocky Mountain Summer Institute

University of Utah

Salt Lake City, UT

Look for online registration in March at www.rmasfaa.org.

RMASFAA is coming to your state conferences this spring!  The Training committee lead by Marge Michael has a representative from each of our 8 states and they will be presenting at your state conferences in April.  I am also excited to visit and provide a RMASFAA update at the Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska and Montana state conferences.  Our past president, Sharon Kienow will be presenting the RMASFAA update for me in South Dakota and North Dakota and President Elect, Brenda Hicks will be updating our Kansas members. 

Brenda Hicks is also busy finalizing the nominations and elections process.  So put your thinking caps on and nominate your fellow members for RMASFAA Board positions.  Nominations will open later this month- watch for the email.

This past fall we developed an ad hoc committee to update our legislative guide on-line.  Thank you to Cristi Millard and James Broscheit for tackling the project.  The guide should be complete by the end of April- timely for sure given the grassroots efforts to save the Pell Grant.

Lastly, I want to say a very special thank you to John Curl who stepped in as interim Treasurer after Randy Thompson’s death in December.  John has been extremely busy supporting our association over the last few months.  Also, a special thank you to Mandi Havener at Sheridan College who helped John and I with the transition.

So as you gear up for the awarding season remember to also make room for fun-  whether it’s snow or sun- get out there and enjoy the day! 

Recipe of the quarter:

Jicama Salad

1 bag of iceberg lettuce

3 Roma tomatoes- diced

1 Jicama (looks like a turnip/potato and is sweet but texture is just like a potato/diced bite-sized

1 can black beans- drained and rinsed

1 can white sweet corn drained

Chicken cut in bite size pieces- I buy the Sante Fe flavor Oscar Meyer chicken already cut into strips

Located generally by the lunch meat or cheese dept or in the meat section but under the quick prep section

Shredded Colby/Jack cheese (about ½ a bag give or take)

White corn chips

1 jar Lighthouse brand Jalapeño Ranch dressing in the refrigerated veggie section

BBQ sauce

Blend the first seven ingredients together in a large bowl.  Crunch up white corn chips and mix in.  Drizzle over about ½ the jar of dressing and about ¼ cup BBQ sauce and mix together- you’ll just need to experiment with how much dressing.  It makes a huge salad- everyone loves it!  If you are taking it somewhere you want to put the chips, cheese and dressing in last minute.  Also, I’ll make it for just myself – but I’ll only mix the lettuce, jicama, beans and corn together -refrigerate and I’ll keep the other ingredients separate until I make an individual salad…last about 3-4 days that way. 


Janet Riis

RMASFAA President

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