Happy Holidays from the RMASFAA Membership Committee!

Deb Byers
Deb Byers

Still making out your Christmas wish list? Why not add a renewal membership to RMASFAA?

The 2011 RMASFAA membership application is now live at http://www.rmasfaa.org. You can find it under the Member Services link at the top of the page. Membership is institutional, so ask your organization’s RMASFAA primary contact to submit your application soon. When completing your renewal, please make sure that all of your organization’s members are listed and affiliated with your institution.

Dues are $100 for the membership year January 1 through December 31. The deadline for renewal and payment is March 15th. Payment should be submitted to:

Randy R. Thompson, RMASFAA Treasurer
Director of Financial Aid
Sheridan College
3059 Coffeen Ave
Sheridan, WY 82801

There are many wonderful benefits to being a RMASFAA member:

Invaluable training opportunities

  • Summer Institute
  • Leadership Pipeline
  • RMASFAA Fall Conference

The Exchange Blog

  • Keep up on regional news through the RMASFAA Exchange Blog

RMASFAA is your voice on a national level

  • Belonging to your regional association ensures your voice will be heard on a national level as our RMASFAA president and past president are voting members of the NASFAA Board of Directors

Peer Support

  • RMASFAA allows you to have contact with eight states’ worth of financial aid professionals and associate members


  • When you have a question and need answers, you know you have resources only an e-mail away

Don’t miss out – renew your membership today!


Deb Byers
Director of Financial Aid
Wichita State University

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