Welcome to the NEW format of Association News!

Sarah Sell

Hello RMASFAA Colleagues and welcome to the NEW (and hopefully improved) RMASFAA Exchange! My name is Sarah Sell from Creighton University in Omaha, NE and I am the new Chair of the Association News Committee. My main goal this year is to take the Association News/RMASFAA Exchange in a new direction in this new era of social media. Social media outlets are revolutionizing how people communicate and get news. Instead of producing  3-4 Exchange Newsletters, the Association News Committee and I plan to maintain this blog to provide important news and information to our members. This will allow us to distribute information and news to our members on a more regular basis – and in a more relevant manner.

This blog will feature upcoming events, conference updates, association news, pictures, movers and shakers, profiles of Board and Committee members…and maybe even YOU!

I strongly believe that communicating this way will be a less structured and FUN way to provide news, create and/or maintain relationships, learn more about each other, and keep in touch. It will allow our membership to become more cohesive and connected to each other.

Please feel free to comment on the blog as well as email me directly at sarahsell@creighton.edu if you have comments/suggestions/ideas, etc!

Thank you for allowing me this opportunity! Be sure to subscribe!


Sarah Sell
Association News Chair

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the NEW format of Association News!

  1. Sue Weinreis

    How can we add an avatar or photo for our “picture?” I went to the the WordPress site and it seems you can do it through “Gravatar” but you need an ID and password from the blog site…or is that still coming???

    1. Sarah Sell

      Sue – In order to add your picture to this and all future comments, please go to http://www.gravatar.com and create an account. On the Gravatar website, click the “Get your Gravatar today” button. It is free and pretty simple. Make sure you include your email address and photo (you will need to upload your photo and crop it within your Gravatar account). After doing this, when you comment your picture should show up. Give it a try and let me know if you have any troubles! 🙂

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